The hidden master

My name is Mark Naea and I'm an author.

In his debut book “You are Source”, Mark shares the events and stories that placed him as the top spiritual / metaphysical guide on Kauai. As one person said when first meeting him, “So you’re Mark, to think I have traveled the world in search of an enlightened master, only to find him in a small gift store on Kauai.” Mark is a rare soul, a prodigious reader, is genuine, interesting, loves to cook and a true Hidden Master.

In "You Are Source", you will discover:...

How truly effortless it is, from insights to enlightenment, and all that it represents.

“Rarely do we get a chance to speak with our true essence. In the telling of the stories of those who have met Not-Mark and experienced themselves as source, the reader is allowed the opportunity to face the walls of their own illusions to become aware of the source within. ‘You are Source’ is a must read for every enlightenment seeking soul to realize they already know without knowing and are ‘be-ing’ in the unconditional, infinite now.”

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